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The Independent End-User Computing Conference that Will Make You an Expert

Details for Boston
Details for London

BriForum 2016. Desktop Virtualization. Enterprise Mobility. The future of End-User Computing. One conference, hundreds of experts and peers. Independent, real-world vendor-neutral technical content to get you ahead at your job and your career.

Boston | July 26-28, 2016

London | May 19-20, 2016

Join us in our 12th year at the vendor neutral event that takes you through the complete modern end-user computing landscape.

We provide a framework to help you deliver the apps and data that users need in the most secure and efficient way possible- without sacrificing the user experience.

BriForum is a great 'real world' state of the industry update. Everyone- including vendors- is very open and approachable, and willing to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of their tech and products. Sessions challenged conventional thinking and didn't pull punches.

Andrew S.
Senior Solution Center Engineer, Ingram Micro, Inc.

Excellent content. I'm always amazed by the high level of expertise at this conference.

Jerry R.
VDI Administrator, Grange Insurance

The sessions were very informative and confirmed some of the same issues I am dealing with.

Lee H.
Xenapp Administrator, McLane Company

Last year we celebrated the tenth anniversary of BriForum, the independent, technical conference that we created in 2005 as the antithesis of the typical trade show. In that time, we’ve produced eighteen unique conferences, and looking back at the content it’s easy to see how far we’ve come.

At the time, we could only speculate about the evolution of desktop virtualization. We didn’t know that we were all going to have to become storage admins, that all of our end users were suddenly going to be carrying around devices that allowed them to carry their apps and data in their pocket (or how many different devices there would be!), or that desktops would eventually be coming from the cloud. Throughout all these advancements, though, one thing has stayed the same about this niche that we now call End-User Computing: It’s our responsibility to deliver the apps and data that our users need, to the devices they want to use, in the most secure and efficient way possible.

Since those early days, BriForum has remained as the leading independent conference for all things End User Computing. We’re independent because we aren’t a vendor conference that has to walk a certain marketing line. BriForum sessions are submitted via an open Call for Papers process (even you can submit!), and every single session is hand-picked by Brian, Gabe, and Jack. We base our selections first and foremost on the technical nature of the submission. The more our heads spin, the more we want it, because the more we all can learn from independent, field-tested experts, the better off we all are.

This year, we’re having two more BriForums, bringing our total to 20 shows! We’ll be going back to London this May, and returning to Boston in July. We’ll be talking about desktop virtualization technologies like Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix Workspace Cloud, VMware Horizon and Project Enzo, Desktops-as-a-Service, and application management (layering). We’ll also be talking about enterprise mobility technologies like MobileIron, VMware AirWatch, Citrix XenMobile, app refactoring, Virtual Mobile Infrastructure, and identity management.

For eleven years, the primary focus of BriForum has been to boil off the hype associated with these technologies and get down to the raw, technical details in order to see how they affect each of our unique situations. We’re very proud of the show because it has evolved exactly as we envisioned at the very first show: a conference of peers, or experts sharing their experiences with other experts.

Join the thousands of IT professionals who have attended BriForum in the past and the 500+ IT pros who will attend a BriForum event in 2016 as they sharpen their skills and learn what they need to know to deal with today's end-user computing environment. This conference is not a "junket" or a free pass from work for the week. It's an intense training conference that will help you do your job better.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking to sponsor be a sponsor at BriForum ? Contact us:

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Looking to work together on a live or online event? Contact us:

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Speaking Opportunities

Become part of our BriForum panel of experts! Please contact:

Kaitlin Herbert, Editorial Expert Community Coordinator
(617) 431-9748

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If you have questions regarding enrollment, or attendance at these events, please contact:

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