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Your roadmap for re-imagining the enterprise end-user computing environment

BriForum is about end-user computing - we live, eat, and breathe at the point where end users intersect with enterprise IT technology. We talk about desktop virtualisation and VDI products. We look into DaaS platforms. We dig into enterprise mobility technologies. We cover the nerve-wracking (yet very real) trend of "consumerisation" - evaluating the enterprise-focused products that allow you to maintain the control and compliance you need against a back-drop of users who are able to buy and use whatever they want.

Of course none of this matters if you can't figure out how it all fits together. You need a roadmap and framework for re-imagining the enterprise end-user computing environment, and that is BriForum!

BriForum consists of 40+ sessions, split across the following topic/track areas:
(Session descriptions coming soon)

Application Virtualisation/Management

Enterprise Mobility Management/Consumerisation

Networking & Security


Platform Hypervisor

Programming & Scripting

Desktop Virtualisation

Management, Monitoring, & Performance


BriForum planning team

Curious who the masterminds are behind the BriForum agenda? Learn more about Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth:

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