2015 Expert Speakers

The best independent authors and bloggers, industry analysts, and experts in desktop and application virtualisation and consumerisation.

At BriForum, our speakers talk honestly and openly about technical challenges they have faced, how they have solved them, what works, and what doesn't. The topics they present are relevant, up-to-date, and guaranteed to be chock full of tips, tricks, techniques and strategies you can implement right away.

To learn more about our Class of 2015 presenters, please explore their bios below:


Dan Allen Dan Allen
Lead Architect,
Citrix Systems
Kees Baggerman Kees Baggerman
Sr. Performance & Solution Engineer
Shawn Bass Shawn Bass
Sr. Director, Strategy and Planning
Amit Ben-Chanoch Amit Ben-Chanoch
Technical Product Manager, Citrix Professional Services
Freek Berson Freek Berson
Microsoft Infrastructure Specialist
Mitja Bezenšek Mitja Bezenšek
Development Engineer
NIL Ltd.
Daniel Bolton Daniel Bolton
End User Computing Solutions Manager
Kingston University
Kenny Buntinx Kenny Buntix
Managing Consultant
Barry Coombs Barry Coombs
Architect, Computerworld
Peter Daalmans Peter Daalmans
Technical Consultant/
Enterprise Client Management MVP
Jarian Gibson Jarian Gibson
Independent Consultant / Solutions Architect
Jarian Gibson Consulting
Kevin Goodman Kevin Goodman
Adnan Hendricks Adnan Hendricks
Solutions Architect Infrastructure
Microspecialist Consulting
Helge Klein Helge Klein
Helge Klein GmbH
Gabe Knuth Gabe Knuth
Independent Industry Analyst & Blogger
Jack Madden Jack Madden
Tim Mangan Tim Mangan
TMurgent Technologies, LLP
Jim Moyle Jim Moyle
Lead Solution Architect, Atlantis Computing
Ian Parker Ian Parker
Senior Webservices Architect
Thomson Reuters
Thomas Poppelgaard Thomas Poppelgaard
Technology Evangelist
James Rankin James Rankin
Thorsten Rood Thorsten Rood
Principal Architect /
Teamleader Application Networking
net.workers AG
Dan Shappir Dan Shappir
Senior Performance Specialist
Ruben Spruijt Ruben Spruijt
Atlantis Computing
David Strafford David Stafford
Head of Enterprise Technology
Benny Tritsch Benny Tritsch
Elder Geek
Andrew Wood Andrew Wood
Solutions Architect
Atlantis Computing
Jeff Wouters Jeff Wouters
Automation Consultant
Dane Young Dane Young
Virtualization Practice Manager
Entisys Solutions

Dan Allen, Lead Architect, Citrix Systems

Presenting: ICA Protocol Confusion - HDX, DCR, H.264, Framehawk, Compatibility Encoder, Legacy Mode, WTF is going on with ICA?

Dan Allen works as a Lead Architect on the Citrix Consulting team, implementing Citrix solutions for some of the largest customers in the world. Dan has been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences in both the US and Europe including those from Citrix and Microsoft. Dan is also one of the most well-read technical bloggers at Citrix, attracting hundreds of thousands of hits across his technical blogs on XenDesktop, XenApp, Profiles, PVS, etc. Dan joined Citrix Consulting in 2001, but has been implementing Citrix solutions for customers since 1998, when he first got certified on WinFrame 1.7. Prior to joining Citrix, he worked for one of the first Citrix partners in Pennsylvania.

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Kees Baggerman, Senior Performance and Solution Engineer, Nutanix

Presenting: The Community-Driven Desktop Virtualisation Best Practices Analyser; How to do image optimisation the right way

Kees Baggerman is a senior performance and solution engineer for desktop and application virtualisation solutions at Nutanix. Kees is Citrix Technology Professional, VMware vExpert and RES Software RSVP and has driven numerous Microsoft and Citrix, and RES infrastructures functional/technical designs, migrations, implementations engagements over the years.

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Shawn Bass, Sr. Director, Strategy and Planning, VMware

Presenting: Cloud Data Security: Separating fact from fiction and From the Fire Hose Series: Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown

Shawn Bass, an independent consultant based in the Chicago area, is a “Citrix Technology Professional” and a “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.” He’s been working with Citrix technologies since the WinView product days, and today, most of his clients are Fortune 500 companies (primarily in the financial services and insurance markets).

Shawn got involved in trying to help the server-based computing community around February 2005. Back then, he’d spent long hours lurking on a variety of forums and learning from others, so he decided it was finally time to give back to assist others. Since that time, he’s become an active poster on the support forums on BrianMadden.com, the official Citrix Support Forums (discussions.citrix.com), and AppVirtGuru.com

Shawn is a 10+time (and top-rated) presenter at BriForum, and has spoken at other worldwide events including Citrix Synergy, VMworld, TechEd, TEC, E2E, and various Citrix user groups. He also continues to teach the independent desktop virtualization 5-day master class that he and Brian developed back in 2004.

Shawn Bass has been a member of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau since its formation in 2012.

You can follow him on Twitter @shawnbass

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Amit Ben-Chanoch, Technical Product Manager, Citrix Professional Services

Presenting: ICA Protocol Confusion - HDX, DCR, H.264, Framehawk, Compatibility Encoder, Legacy Mode, WTF is going on with ICA?

Amit is a Technical Product Manager with Citrix Professional Services out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has been with Citrix for 3 years starting as a consultant specializing in desktop virtualization with XenApp and XenDesktop working with large strategic customers. He is a co-author on the “Virtual Desktop Handbook” and the “Windows 8 Optimization Guide” and is a popular blogger on the Citrix blogs with 100K+ views. He has previously presented at Citrix Synergy.

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Freek Berson, Microsoft Infrastructure Specialist, Wortell

Presenting: Unfolding the Azure RemoteApp Magic!

Freek Berson works as an Infrastructure specialist at Wortell, a system integrator company based in the Netherlands, where he focusses on Desktop Virtualization and all related technologies mostly on the Microsoft platform. He is also works as a course instructor at Opsgility.com, where he creates and presents technical courses related to Microsoft Azure. He maintains his personal blog at http://themicrosoftplatform.net where he writes articles and blog posts related to Remote Desktop Services, Azure RemoteApp and other Microsoft technologies. Freek is awarded Microsoft MVP on RDS since 2011 and is an active moderator on TechNet Forum and contributor to Microsoft TechNet Wiki. You can follow him on twitter via @fberson.

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Mitja Bezenšek, Development Engineer, NIL Ltd.

Presenting: Hacking Horizon View

Started working with VMware View 3.5 in my current company in 2008, first as support, then moved to developement. Now I am the lead engineer of our IT automation product called Flip IT. I am specialized in Horizon View, vSphere, MS RDS and datacenter hardware. Did projects and implementation across the world in Slovenia, UK, South Africa, Croatia, Oman, Morocco, Turkey. Last year I've been mostly active in the US (FL) helping to take off Flip IT. More about me: http://www.nil.com/en/people/our-team/mitja-bezensek/ http://blog.ipspace.net/2014/11/flipit-cloud-orchestrating-it-as.html

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Daniel Bolton, End User Computing Solutions Manager, Kingston University

Presenting: Layers Layers, Blar, Blar...Unidesk vs VMware vs FS Logix?

Daniel Bolton is a Technical Architect with over 10 years' experience specialising in End User Computing modernisation programmes focusing on physical desktop management, RDSh, VDI, UEM, Application Delivery, Automation and self-service delivery. In 2012 Daniel honourably received RES Software Valued Professional status for contributions to the EUC community and enjoys speaking at round table discussion panels through to industry events such as BriForum. Currently working as the EUC Solutions Manager at Kingston University London, Daniel is responsible for Kingston's EUC provision including solutions such as the RES product suite, VMware Mirage, View and much much more.

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Barry Coombs, Architect, Computerworld

Presenting: EUC isn't all about the technology!

Barry Coombs is the Pre-Sales Director for Computerworld Systems, a UK-based, virtualization-focused value-added reseller. Barry has been focused on virtualization, storage, and end-user computing technologies as a customer, consultant, and architect for the last 8 years. Barry has been awarded VMware's vExpert award for contributions to the VMware community every year since 2010. Barry is also part of the VMUG leadership team for South West UK, has a VMware-focused blog, virtualisedreality.com and Barry has also authored two books on VMware Horizon View. He is also active on Twitter (@virtualisedreal), particularly reporting live from many industry events.

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Peter Daalmans, Technical Consultant / Enterprise Client Management MVP, IT-Concern

Presenting: How to get started with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Peter is a Senior Technical Consultant with Microsoft Partner IT-Concern with a primary focus on the System Center Suite and Microsoft Exchange. Peter is awarded three times as a Microsoft Enterprise Client Management MVP (Configuration Manager/Windows Intune). Peter writes blogs and sharing his knowledge on his blog ConfigMgrBlog.com. Peter is also one of the founders and leads of the Windows Management User Group Netherlands. Author of Mastering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and Mastering System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, books from Sybex. Peter speaks at local and international group meetings, conferences like TechEd (Australia / New Zealand), IT/Dev Connections, Midwest Management Summit (MMS), TechDays Netherlands and ExpertsLive Netherlands. Kenny Kenny is a highly qualified , certified and energized freelance consultant with more than 15 years of experience and strives to always deliver high quality when managing and delivering projects. He has a strong focus on the Microsoft System Center product family and is an industry expert in the System Center Enterprise Client Management space. A deep technical background with a track record in "Enterprise Client Management" architecture and "Unified Mobile Device Management" expertise. Additionally he believes strongly in sharing knowledge amongst his peers and therefore co-founded the System Center User Group Belgium. As an industry expert and Most Valued Professional (MVP) , he is a frequent speaker and ask-the-expert guest at both national and international events.

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Kenny Buntinx, Managing Consultant, KBSolutions

Presenting: How to Get Started with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Kenny is a highly qualified, certified, and energized consultant with more than 15 years of experience, and strives to always deliver high quality when managing and delivering projects. He has a strong focus on the Microsoft System Center product family, and is an industry expert in the System Center Enterprise Client Management space. Kenny has a deep technical background with a track record in "Enterprise Client Management" architecture, and "Unified Mobile Device Management" expertise.

Additionally, Kenny believes strongly in sharing knowledge amonst his peers, and therefore co-founded the System Center User Group Belgium. As an industry expert and Most Valued Professional (MVP), he is a frequent speaker and ask-the-expert guest at both national and international events.

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Jarian Gibson, Independent Consultant / Solutions Architect, Jarian Gibson Consulting

Presenting: Tech Bake-off Reloaded - An Independent Review of Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware Horizon View and What can Citrix Workspace Cloud do for you?

Jarian Gibson is an independent consultant/solutions architect focused on application/desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility technologies based out of the Kansas City area. With more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Jarian has worked on many assessment, design, and implementations projects for application/desktop virtualization solutions. Jarian has and maintains industry certifications from Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware to name a few. Jarian is an active contributor in the Citrix Support Forums, the Citrix IRC channel, and has his own website.  Jarian has presented at conferences (BriForum, Citrix Synergy, and E2E Virtualization Conference), been named Citrix Geek of the Week, recognized by Citrix as one of the top five Citrix engineers in the central region at Citrix Synergy 2011, and contributed to Desktop Virtualization Deployment Insights eBook published by Citrix. Jarian's industry/community awards include Citrix Partner Technical Council (PTEC), Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), Nutanix Technical Champion (NTC Charter Member), and VMware vExpert.

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Kevin Goodman, CEO, FSLogix

Presenting: How to Make Windows PowerShell Sit Up and Beg

Kevin Goodman is cofounder and CEO of FSLogix. He has had successful management roles in a number of private and publicly held high-tech companies including RTO Software, VMware and DCA. Goodman is the author of two books published by M&T Publishing - Windows NT: A Developer's Guide, and Building Windows 95 Applications, and has been a frequent contributor to several computer industry magazines. Goodman has also been awarded four patents.

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Adnan Hendricks, Solutions Architect Infrastructure, Microspecialist Consulting

Presenting: Windows Rebooted! Why you should move to Windows 10 and its ecosystem

Adnan is an international consultant, Microsoft MVP and MCT (Regional Lead) with more than 20 years' experience that span all fields in IT. Implementing core solutions focus on Windows Client and Server, System Center suite and, his personal favorites, Deployment & Virtualization and User Workspace. As an international speaker he often spends his time assisting and speaking at IT community events.

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Helge Klein, CTO, Helge Klein GmbH

Presenting: How Group Policy Impacts Logon Performance and Dissecting the XenApp/XenDesktop Logon Process

Helge Klein (CTP, MVP and vExpert) is an independent consultant and developer. He has worked in Citrix projects for large corporations and architected the user profile management product whose successor is now available as Citrix Profile Management. Helge is the author of the popular tools uberAgent, Delprof2 and SetACL. He publishes a blog at http://helgeklein.com/blog and has presented at Synergy 2011 through 2014 and BriForum 2012 and 2014.

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Gabe Knuth, Independent Industry Analyst & Blogger, BrianMadden.com

Presenting: Everything you need to know about Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

Gabe Knuth is an independent industry analyst, blogger, and speaker,known throughout the world as "the other guy" at BrianMadden.com. He has been nearly 100% focused on desktops, applications, and devices throughout his 16 year career in IT, a journey that has taken him from help desks, to data centers, to the cloud as a consultant, in-house IT person, and as an analyst. As evidenced by his co-authorship of the book The VDI Delusion, Gabe's focus tends to lean more toward practical, real-world uses for technology, essentially boiling off the hype and examining the actual usefulness of each technology in specific use cases. Gabe has written for BrianMadden.com and SearchVirtualDesktop.com since 2007, and has spoken at major industry trade shows such as BriForum and Citrix Synergy.

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Brian Madden, Independent Industry Analyst, Blogger & Author, BrianMadden.com

Brian Madden is known throughout the world as an opinionated, super technical, fiercely-independent desktop virtualization expert. He's written several books and thousands of articles about desktop virtualization. His blog site, BrianMadden.com, receives millions of visitors per year and is a leading source for conversation, debate, and discourse about the application and desktop virtualization industry. Brian is also the creator of BriForum, an independent conference about desktop virtualization, consumerization of IT, and enterprise mobility management. Having been ranked the #1 speaker at both VMworld and Citrix Synergy, Brian flies over 200,000 miles per year for speaking and consulting. He has been written about in Wired Magazine, heard on NPR, quoted in The Economist, and featured on podcasts around the world.

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Jack Madden, Blogger, BrianMadden.com

Presenting: Everything you need to know about Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

Jack Madden covers everything related to enterprise mobility management at BrianMadden.com, a website devoted to desktop virtualization, the consumerization of IT, and enterprise mobility. Jack has written hundreds of articles and spoken at BriForum, Citrix Synergy, VMworld, and other events throughout the US and Europe. He is the author of “Enterprise Mobility Management: Everything you need to know about MDM, MAM, & BYOD” and co-author of “The VDI Delusion.”

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Tim Mangan, Kahuna, TMurgent Technologies, LLP

Presenting: The App Whisperer (Virtually) and 4,3,2,1, Liftoff! How Processes Become Virtualized

Tim Mangan runs his company, TMurgent Technologies, which is based in Canton Massachusetts. Primarily focused on training customers on App-V, he also provides consulting services and a ton of free tools for folks in this space. A Microsoft MVP for App-V, Tim is also a Citrix CTP and has worked with application virtualization since he built SoftGrid (the original name for App-V) in 2000.

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Jim Moyle, Lead Solution Architect, Atlantis Computing

Presenting: Layers, Layers, Blar, Blar...Unidesk vs VMware vs FS Logix? and What can Citrix Workspace Cloud do for you?

Jim Moyle is an infrastructure technologist with almost two decades of passionate involvement in the IT industry. Over the last decade he has been a specialist in Server Based Computing- application and desktop delivery sector. He has worked with many blue chip companies around the UK including being involved in the architecture and delivery of some of the largest Citrix farms in Europe. As the Lead Solution Architect for Atlantis Computing in EMEA he is responsible for the design and execution of many world class projects for this Citrix Platinum partner. He also enjoys speaking at various industry events such as BriForum, E2E and Citrix Synergy. You can find him sharing knowledge on his blog, on twitter at @jimmoyle and on the Citrix IRC Channel.

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Ian Parker, Senior Webservices Architect, Thomson Reuters

Presenting: Advanced Performance Analysis: Moving beyond Perfmon and the basics and What to do when things break: Tools you need to know to resolve critical events faster and more efficiently

Ian Parker is a Senior Webservices Architect employed in the Tax and Accounting division of Thomson Reuters. He is part of a group that designs, builds, and maintains a XenApp infrastructure that supports over 18,000 users located around the world. He specializes in performance, scalability, and application acquisition / deployment issues.

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Thomas Poppelgaard, Technology Evangelist, Poppelgaard.com

Presenting: The Anatomy of a High Performance GPU Enabled Desktop

Thomas Poppelgaard has 19 years of IT experience holding various positions such as Administrator, Consultant, Senior Consultant, IT Architect, Solution Architect, Concept Manager, and Product Manager. He currently runs his own company as a Technology Evangelist with clients including popular vendors, ISV, ISP, distributors, and end customers.

Globally, Thomas speaks at conferences, webinars, seminars, and roadshows about remote virtualisation, Citrix, VMware, and NVIDIA/AMD in the World and HPC solutions.

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James Rankin, Consultant, TaloSys

Presenting: Know your enemies - analysis of applications for virtualization projects

James is a consultant with twenty years' experience in virtualisation technologies. From starting as a Systems Administrator, he has become a subject matter expert on user, presentation, and application virtualisation, and works predominantly with these technologies. He is presently engaged in running a new IT consultancy/services startup called TaloSys. He also writes for The Virtualization Practice on Desktop Virtualization and received an AppSense Community Advisor award in 2012 for his blogging at The AppSense Bigot.

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Thorsten Rood, Principal Architect / Teamleader Application Networking, net.workers AG

Presenting: XenMobile 10 deep dive demo with notes from the field

Thorsten is an IT veteran with 2 decades+ of experience in engineering, being awarded CTP and certified as MCSE, CCE and more. He holds principal architect and team leader role for application networking business, which includes NetScaler, CloudBridge, XenMobile and ShareFile. He implemented large-scale installations in any industry and finalized a wide range of success stories and early adopter setups for demanding customers. He's a frequently speaker at Synergy, BriForum, Citrix User Groups and more.

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Dan Shappir, Senior Performance Specialist, Wix

Presenting: Predicting the Future of Windows, or Lack Thereof

Dan Shappir is the Performance Specialist at Wix.com, responsible for the fast delivery of over 60 million websites. Prior to this, Dan was CTO and VP Software Development at Ericom Software, where he was responsible for the company's technological direction, and created the world's first HTML5 Enterprise remote access solution. Dan is a twenty year IT veteran, holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science, and has spoken at numerous BriForums and other conferences.

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Ruben Spruijt, Atlantis Computing

Presenting: From the fire hose series: Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown

Ruben Spruijt is Chief Technology Officer at Atlantis Computing, responsible for driving vision, technology evangelism and thought leadership with Atlantis customers, partners and communities. Mr. Spruijt is a well-regarded author, speaker, market analyst, technologist, and all-around geek. An established industry leader and luminary, he is one of only a few individuals in the world to hold three prestigious virtualization awards: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) and VMware vExpert.

Ruben has presented more than 150 sessions at national and international events such as BriForum, Citrix iForum Japan, Citrix Synergy, Gartner Catalyst, Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft TechEd, NVIDIA GTC, and VMworld. Mr. Spruijt founded several independent industry analysis bodies including Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC), Team Remote Graphics Experts (TeamRGE), AppVirtGURU written and co-authoring multiple disruptive ‘Smackdown’ research whitepapers. Mr. Spruijt is based in the Netherlands where he lives with his wife and three kids.

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David Stafford, Head of Enterprise Technology, Dropbox

Presenting: I, For One, Welcome our New Enterprise Consumer Overlords

Making his 5th BriForum speaking appearance, David is a passionate enterprise IT guy who joined Dropbox after long stints at VMware, Cisco and Dow Corning. When not playing air-guitar at Barenaked Ladies concerts, he can be found showing off where he's from in Michigan by using his hand as a map or geeking out with his beautiful wife and two young sons.

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Benny Tritsch, Elder Geek, DrTritsch.com

Presenting: Lego for Geeks: Hardware Building Blocks for Great VDI Test Labs and From the Fire Hose Series: Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown

Dr. Benny Tritsch is the Chief Technology Officer with bluecue Consulting in Germany. He is a principal consultant, market analyst, author, and all-around geek specializing in enterprise Windows remoting and virtualization solutions. His areas of expertise include: Remote Desktop Services, VDI, high-end graphics remoting, Hyper-V, enterprise Windows deployment tools and solutions, PowerShell for IT Pros, and user workspace management. Benny speaks around the world at several conferences each year, including Microsoft TechEd, Citrix Synergy, VMware VMworld, BriForum and E2EVC. He is also actively involved in communities like Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) and he has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 10 years. If you want to know more about Benny's community activities, check out his website http://drtritsch.com or follow him on http://twitter.com/drtritsch.

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Andrew Wood, Solutions Architect, Atlantis Computing

Presenting: EUC Isn't All About the Technology. It's About Users, Too and Layers, Layers, Blar, Blar...Unidesk vs VMware: which one?

Andrew is a Solutions Architect for Atlantis Computing. A Charted Engineer, Charted IT Professional, Citrix Technology Professional, and VMware vExpert, Andrew has been designing and managing server based computing and virtualised desktop environments for over fifteen years. He has authored white papers on Server Based Computing comparisons, automated deployment, and management best practices. You may remember his presentations from previous events such as Brighttalk, Citrix Synergy, and E2EVC. Andrew's role involves examining emerging technology trends, vendor strategies, developing the integration and management of Atlantis technologies in line with desktop virtualisation management best practices.

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Jeff Wouters, Automation Consultant, Methos

Presenting: PowerShell Remoting - Manage your (customer) environment from your own laptop

Jeff Wouters, MVP Windows PowerShell, is a consultant and trainer from The Netherlands. He has his own company (Methos) with a main focus on automation and virtualization, runs his personal blog (http://www.jeffwouters.nl), is a (contributing) author and/or reviewer for mainly PowerShell related books. In 2012, Jeff founded the Dutch PowerShell User Group and is a frequent speaker on IT conferences such as the Microsoft TechDays, E2E Virtualization Conference, BriForum, System Center Universe, PowerShell Summit and multiple other user groups.

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Dane Young, Virtualization Practice Manager, Entisys Solutions

Presenting: The Anatomy of a High Performance, GPU Enabled Virtual Desktop and What can Citrix Workspace Cloud do for you?

Dane Young, (@youngtech) is a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), VMware vExpert, technology enthusiast and Virtualization Practice Manager specializing in application, desktop, and server virtualization technologies from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. He holds a number of certifications including Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer; Citrix Certified Integration Architect for Virtualization; Citrix Certified Expert in Virtualization (CCE-V); VMware Certified Professional for vSphere 4 and 5; Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtualization Administrator; Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Administrator on Windows Server 2008; and, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Private Cloud. Dane currently holds Master of Business Administration and Management Information Systems degrees.

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Conference Chair and Keynote Speaker

Brian Madden Brian Madden  
Independent Analyst, Blogger and Author, BrianMadden.com

Brian Madden is known throughout the world as a highly-opinionated, super technical, fiercely-independent desktop virtualisation expert. He's been ranked the #1 speaker at VMworld, Citrix Synergy, and Storage Decisions conferences.

He's written and edited six books and over 2,000 articles about desktop virtualisation. (Brian's most recent book, The New VDI Reality, was published in May 2013.) His blog (www.brianmadden.com) receives millions of visitors per year and is a leading source for conversation, debate, and discourse about the end-user computing industry.

Brian flies over 200,000 miles per year speaking and consulting around the world. Brian has been written about in Wired Magazine, heard on NPR, quoted in The Economist, and been a guest on dozens of different podcasts throughout the world.